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Import-ant decisions (PyCon 2014)

I gave a talk about how import works at PyCon 2014. There’s video here, and the slides are here.

A 1,500 (!!) line switch statement powers your Python! (!!Con 2014)

I gave a talk about the Python interpreter at !!Con 2014. !!Con was a new conference in 2014 celebrating excitement and wonderful things about programming. All talks had at least one exclamation point in the title. The slides from my talk are here, video is here and a transcript is here. The background of those slides is the switch statement itself.

Bytes in the Machine: Inside the CPython interpreter (PyCon 2015)

This was a more formal and detailed talk that grew from the seed of the switch statement talk above. Video Transcript Slides

Exploring is Never Boring: Understanding CPython without reading the code (PyCon 2015)

Video Transcript Slidess

Limitless and recursion-free recursion limits! (!!Con 2015)